Analytics for March 2016

Google Analytics overview for March 1 – 31st

No real change from previous month. There is a move more to mobile which needs to be taken into account.

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Google Analytics February 2016

Google Analytics overview for February 1 – 28th.

In brief, 3500 visitors, almost 10,000 page views and a bounce rate of 43%. These are consistent numbers, but we are seeing no reward from SEO because, simply, it is not being applied.

We need to re-visit and make sure we understand the rules that need to be applied to the content that is posted. What we are getting is what I call “accidental” traffic – the majority of visitors are finding us despite what we do instead of because of what we do. The Facebook audience needs to be leveraged further – click through from FB to site is low. Would suggest re-instigating the idea of regular promotion of the site on FB in addition to individual posts.

Mailchimp Signups


Subscriptions to the newsletter have really taken off. In the past (last year) I would get notifications about once a week that one or two people had subscribed. Now, every day, I get notifications that between 4 – 11 people are subscribing.


Why? Simply because we moved the invitation to subscribe to a prominent place – top of the page. People see it and respond. This is a clear example of asking something of people – a Call to Action – that gets results.