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Using WordPress SEO with WPML

WordPress SEO plugin makes it easy to optimize your site for search engines. Together with WPML, you can use it to tune multilingual WordPress sites. We use WordPress SEO on all our sites, to quickly and easily optimize for search engines. It lets us control the meta attributes that Google reads and add vital SEO …


A guide to SEO for editorial teams and journalists

SEO for editorial teams – a step-by-step process putting quality editorial first – with Wordtracker, the leading keyword research toolsIn this first of a two-part guide to SEO for editorial teams and journalists, Mark Nunney introduces editors to the basics of SEO and gives a step-by-step process that puts editorial at the heart of your SEO.

Editorial teams are often put into the front line of SEO. That’s quite right because editorial is the front line of SEO.


What is the mission of your website? • Yoast

The mission of your website consists of the ideas you have about your website and your company. Every website owner has certain expectations of his visitors. You want them to read your posts, or to buy your products. Perhaps you want to inform or entertain your readers or to improve their lives with your awesome products
So, before you start making any improvements to your website you’ll have to think about your mission. Do not think too lightly of this. It’s really hard to have (and keep) clearly in mind what it is you want to do. In our site reviews, this actually is one of the main problems websites seem to have. Lots of websites just do not make clear what it is they offer and what makes their offer so special.