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Analytics January 2017

  For January, overall visits and page views have risen. I’ve output a second report on landing/exit pages – its clear that the majority are coming via looking for employment etc. The focus has to be on launching and promoting new landing pages together with improving understanding of how key words work.

Analytics December

December seems to show we have a new set of standard figures. An improvement over the start of the year, but things have levelled out. The challenge is how to continue moving up.   We need to: Address Keywords to aid search (having the new Editorial feature needs to aid in this – an Editorial […]

Analytics November

  Google Analytics overview for November 1 – 30th Over the past few months things have moved to a new level of 5000+ visitors. The two other trends which now seem consistent are the rise in Mobile – now 50%+ and the RDC as the largest audience. I have added a Twitter specific dashboard (PDF included here).

Analytics October

Google Analytics overview for October 1 – 31st The best month so far for numbers. For the first time the highest visits come from RDC. Mobile traffic is now consistently at 50%. Traffic from Social remains low – what is needed are ongoing campaigns from FB.

Analytics September 2016

Google Analytics overview for September 1 – 30th Continued modest growth in overall numbers. Notable that visits within the RDC are growing. I have built a dedicated Social Media Dashboard and include here as PDF – visit this and other specific dashboards at Google Analytics under Private Dashboards.

Analytics August 2016

  Google Analytics overview for August 1 – 31st Numbers are moving upward on all fronts. I would put this down to SEO starting to slowly pay off. The implementation -particularly in regards to keywords – needs to be better, but things are improving. A significant (continued) increase in mobile traffic.  

Analytics July 2016

Google Analytics overview for July 1 – 31st Numbers still slightly down. What is notable is that mobile visits are now exceeding desktop visits. We need to revisit the site structure in terms of this. I have added a second dashboard to focus on SEO – more detail on this can be seen by accessing the report.

Analytics June 2016

Google Analytics overview for June 1 – 30th While overall numbers stay the same, there are signs through channels that SEO is starting to take hold – this makes sense as there are a higher percentage of articles on the site correctly indexed. What is still needed is to get away from Keywords being created at the […]