I’m sending this out to let everyone know they can now access a toolbox for ponabana – articles, guides, reports and other information that I hope will help us in continually improving how we deliver stories and information.

What is the point of this?

Many reasons – we need a place to keep information together – the team is continually changing, new people come, we need to have a repository (I need to have a repository) for all of the different files that have been generated and the future files that will be generated as we move on.

With everything we are trying to do, there is a learning curve involved – we need a place to share background articles that more fully explain ideas and concepts – infrequent conversations and e-mail exchanges can only touch on subjects: homework is needed to fully grasp the different issues that come to bear in digital communications.

Implement, Evaluate, Adjust.

We are trying to implement different approaches step by step. We are two months into the first phase and I have been spending time evaluating how things are going, and trying to think of what is needed to help the process. There is no one solution, but this “toolbox” is one idea to improve the process and hopefully help the learning curve.

Not just for ponabana

But what if ponabana as we know it goes away? All of the things we need to learn and be aware of – SEO, reading metrics, increasing Reach & Engagement – are relevant for a communications team, whatever the delivery mechanism. So I am going to try to keep the focus on content that is of use whatever the future brings.

As well as using Asana for itemizing tasks and day-to-day communication, I’m going to be adding articles I feel are relevant as background, reports from Google and Mailchimp with brief thoughts, and of course uploading any specific guides or explanation that I create so they are easy to access.

So how to share all this without it becoming yet another place to remember to go to?

I’ve set up a mailing list, and, as with the ponabana newsletter, each time there is a new piece of content it will be added to a “newsletter” you will recieve (maximum of once a week) letting you know what is available - you can choose to read, or choose not to read, but hopefully it will contribute to all round communication, dialog and learning….I’m totally open to suggestions moving forward and discussing how we can make it multilingual.