what is toolbox?

at content that moves, we focus on blending content creation with social media tools to create stories, maximize distribution & build involvement – moving audiences to action: to share, collaborate, contribute, respond, donate and reflect. We look to connect, to inspire and to inform.

toolbox is our approach to solving the problem of creating and publishing enough new, relevant content and distributing it in the areas your audience frequents most often to bring them back to your site again and again.

Whatever your audience, creating or collecting appropriate content for your web site is an ongoing task. And without new, relevant content, there is very little incentive for visitors to return.

The reality is – whatever your focus – there is a wealth of relevant material available through the internet that can provide support and context for your communication needs. Harnessing this content and getting it out to your audience is key to maintaining your presence and visibility.

a digital hub for your content

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collect, curate & distribute

toolbox provides a vehicle for organizations to collect, present and distribute timely, relevant content to their audience.

select & schedule

a simple administrative interface to manage and publish your content

a powerful search engine finds the latest content based on keywords you enter

you can also post directly from a URL - upload documents & files

posts can be scheduled for future publication

publish & distribute

the power behind toolbox is the suggestions engine. based on your search terms and keywords, the engine is continually searching the web for content that matches your criteria.

it finds content in any format - articles, videos, presentations or documents. these are presented to you in summary form to either accept or reject.

publish & distribute

when you find a topic you would like to publish, a pop-up window allows you to modify and edit the title, image and excerpt as well as adding your own comments if you wish.

when you click "publish", you have the option to send the content to your social media outlets as well as directly into your own web site.

publish & distribute

your new content is distributed to the social media sites you chose - reaching your audience in the environments they spend their time.....

the content is also published to your website

subscribe & build

toolbox includes a subscriber sign up form - your audience recieves a weekly or monthly newsletter of your latest content. This keeps them up to date and ensures a steady stream of visitors to your site.

a content cycle that establishes your website as the thought leader

features & tools

toolbox helps you to collect, present and distribute timely, relevant content to your audience.

It functions as a destination in itself, but goes beyond being simply a digital magazine on your areas of interest.

With toolbox, you can locate, collect & curate resources on subjects that relate to your focus areas and make it available to your audience and partners.

With the capability to automatically distribute the content to your other content channels – your website, blog or Social Media pages – you have a powerful and flexible content distribution hub as well as a permanent home for content that would otherwise disappear into the social media stream..

And by providing a full range of sharing tools, toolbox provides your audience with the ability to move, share and use that content in their own initiatives -delivering content they can use.

collect & curate

toolbox can assemble content in multiple ways – it performs a web search based on criteria you choose, then on an ongoing basis presents you the results.

Whenever you open the suggestions window, you will be presented with the latest available content. This search is happening in the background, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so the results you see are comprehensive.

You can fine tune the search results – displaying only video content for example – and on an ongoing basis, refine your search terms and preferred sources.

Nothing is published until you select it. If the title and excerpt doesn’t give you enough information to make a decision, you can visit the content directly to find out more.

You decide what is appropriate and of interest and choose when and what to publish.

upload & schedule

You can also add specific content -whatever the medium – that you wish to feature.

Pages from your organization’s website, articles, videos or documents you come across while browsing the web, or material that is suggested to you.

You are not limited to publishing material immediately. Any content – whether the result of a search or a document you upload – can be scheduled for a publishing at a later date. This allows for accurate release of time sensitive material as well as the ability to set up an editorial calendar ensuring a steady stream of newly released content.

sort & organize

toolbox doesn’t just display content in chronological order – it features full search capability and content can be called up by subject matter or medium.

When content is published, the user has full control over adding keywords and categories to a post, allowing the viewer full control over calling up specific content by subject, media or category.

distribute & share

For the publisher – you:
permanent distribution streams can be configured so that anything you post on your toolbox is automatically distributed to your website, blog, Facebook or Linkedin pages. toolbox functions as a content distribution engine ensuring your content surfaces in the channels you need it.

For the viewer:
all content posted in your toolbox can be shared and distributed to social networks – clicking on the share panel displays a customizable range of social sharing and embedding tools allowing them to move the content to where they can use it further.

subscribe & build

toolbox offers a subscription sign-up feature. This way, people interested in your content can subscribe to be kept in touch when new content is available.

Signing up adds them to a mailing list and ensures that whenever new material is available, they’ll be the first to hear about it.

Growing your mailing list positions you to involve your audience in all of your organizations endeavors

staying in touch

On a frequency determined by you – once a week, once a month etc – subscribers to your toolbox receive an automatically generated “e-mail newsletter” containing excerpts and links to the latest content.

Once the newsletter template is created, it automatically checks your toolbox for new content on a daily basis. If new content exists, it will send a newsletter to the mailing list, never more frequently than you have specified.

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